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Fooyin University is located at the Daliao District, Kaohsiung City of southern Taiwan, featuring shopping, gourmet, arts, events, and MRT stations. The traffic is convenient with multiple and diverse life. You can enjoy the ancient town in Fengshan and have a cultural and historical tour; take the MRT to Da Tung Art and Culture Center, Weiwuying Metropolitan Park, Central Park, shopping districts, harbor tours, and Shiziwan. You will find yourself interact with the metropolitan. Heading east and south, the warm Pingtung is waving at you with its picturesque scenery.


Glamour and happiness with all the necessary living mechanism.

The campus is a small living circle. We have everything students need from food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education, and recreation. These are all facilitated n the living plaza, including convenience stores, supermarkets, canteens, cafes, the Mediterranean restaurant, a bakery, and the Snack Street. The choices are diverse with the professional management, which assures the hygiene and safety to fulfill the needs of the students.
Safe and comfortable, the second home of the students

Currently, there are seven student dormitories (which include three male dormitory buildings and four female dormitory buildings) and one scholars’ dormitory (which include a hotel for students’ practicum). They can accommodate nearly 2800 students. The dorms are new and bright with all the modern equipment from central air conditioners, drinkable water, washing machines, dryers, internet accessibility, plug-in phones, lounge rooms, to karaoke rooms. We have professional self-managed dormitory management that is safe and secure.
Moreover, there is a well-facilitated health center providing care for the students. The center will help with transferring sick students to hospitals, health education. We also have professional doctors provide students and staff with free clinical treatments and health consultatation.


Boost the enthusiasm: the volunteer service

We have diverse clubs for choices. The school holds concerts, proms, and all kinds of recreational activities from time to time. In order to encourage the service vibe, we promote volunteer service. Now there are one tenth of students participating in social service. The footsteps of the Fooyin volunteers are all over the remote areas, tribes, islands, and overseas. In 2007, the goodwill ambassador team is formed to cultivate good attitudes, manners, communication skills, and the hospitality of the students. This team also becomes the brand image of the school, which receive good feedbacks.

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