We care for people’s health. We are the number one brand among all the universities with history in Taiwan.

For more than half a century, Fooyin University witnesses the life legacy of Taiwan people in each different generation and era.
Only hardworking and humble atmosphere lasts. In each stage of our school’s  development process, we have achieved pages of great records.

At the period of emphasizing on the importance of professional differences, the university always stands out firmly for its ideals and visions. The ideas of establishing the school are centered on human health. The major professional fields of Fooyin include nursing, medical technology, nutrition, infant education, elderly caring, environmental engineering, biotech, tourism &recreation, and cultural creativity. We dedicate ourselves to the learning field of all-human health industry. Also, we become the best among all the health, nursing, and technology related schools as well as one of the universities with future market potentiality in our country.
Through four phases of changing, we match with future industries

Fooyin University was founded by Dr. Chang Peng Tu in 1958 at Tungang Town, Pingtung. At the beginning, it was a three-year “Senior Vocational High School of Midwifery,” the first medical and nursing vocational school established with private funds. Dr. Chang Peng Tu was the first Principal. After four years of establishment, the school was changed to a four-year Senior Nursing and Midwifery Vocational School.

Being excellent in running a school on the 10th anniversary in 1968, Fooyin was again promoted to a five-year nursing and midwifery in order to cope with the domestic vocational education policy. This was also the first time that a vocational school was ever promoted a five-year nursing school.


Always keep the origin in mind. A cradle of ideal and practical education.

Fooyin has been set up for a long time. It is a school with history and has always been the biggest cradle of the nurses in the country. In 1997, it was promoted to a technology university. At that time, all kinds of departments and colleges were established so that the research antenna was more prosperous. In 2002, the name was changed to Fooyin University approved by the Ministry of Education. Our university was consisted of School of Nursing, School of Medical and Health Sciences, School of Environment and Life Sciences, and College of Humanities and Management. Currently, the school has approximately 10,000 students.

Because of Fooyin’s devotion to teaching, the subsidies of the technical school demonstration plan, and the excellent common courses and the outstanding teaching plan were granted by the Ministry of Education, which is the biggest honor among the medical schools in southern Taiwan.
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