This is my dreamy learning garden

Fooyin was moved to the Daliao campus in 1970. Now it is located in Daoliao District, Kaohsiung City. With the area of more than 17 acres, the campus is near Fengshan City, downtown Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung International Airport, Kaohsiung MRT and express way. The geography location is very convenient.

The natural education base with exquisite beauty

When you turn into the campus of Fooyin University from the wide Fenglin Road, the grand front door welcomes you to the beautiful educational base. The Angel Hill with Royal Palms standing by both sides is leading you into the campus. At the sides of the campus boulevard are two pretty lawns, green with a slight curve, echoing with the sky. Students like to take photos here.

Strolling leisurely around the campus, you can see the most important landmark of Fooyin- the Mother Lake. This is the lake built by the founder Dr. Chang Peng Tu in honor of his mother. For years, the willows on the bank and their reflections on the water with geese playing in the lake have accompanied the growth many students in Fooyin. This is also the place where many alumni have the most unforgettable memory.

On campus, both rows of tall trees and the natural environment reveal the unique environmental protection qualities of Fooyin. Under the trees, you can see teachers and students study together. Fooyin not only emphasizes on knowledge and skills but more on the inspiration of the personality.

Architecture with characteristics tells the story of dreaming progress

Several important buildings in the school have bred many successful students. These include the historical Children Care Building, Nursing Building, Administration Building, four major teaching buildings, laboratory building, school history pavilion, Peng Tu Humanity Building, Wu Da Yo Memorial Library, Chongchang Activity Center, gym, field, Lake Building, Kaohsiung Kindergarten, and student dormitories. Each of the buildings is full of stories about the dreams of students in Fooyin.

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