Feature departments, seeing the trend of future

The four major colleges and departments are unique in mental and physical health. They are never out of date. Even in the more extreme environment and social development, talents for future markets are hard to get, especially those from the fields of elder long care, nursing, green technology, product R&D and verification, health business management, agricultural bio-tech, creative tourism, and etc. Each of them is the goal of the trend that is close to life.

School of Nursing
Professional practice development / health care performance evaluation / scenario simulation and teaching promotion / setting up qualification approval system


The school possesses the biggest nursing department and the only department of midwifery. We cultivate all levels of outstanding nurses in southern Taiwan. The students are recruited by all the major hospitals before graduating. This school has the mission to increase nursing qualities and promote the national health welfare. 
The courses are designed and the practice equipment is set up by using the work field practice as the standard, including digital classrooms, nursing demonstration wards, the clinical simulation and learning center, the elder simulation experience and midwifery demonstration center. All the teaching facilities assist the students in learning all kinds of techniques and prepare them for the future by providing the internships through well-planned industrial and academic co-operations.
Department of Nursing
  Combine nursing theory and practice, cultivating nursing experts with solid foundation and independent clinical care.
The Department of Midwifery and Maternal-Infant Health Care

Emphasize on women health care, enhance midwifery practice and skills, cultivate midwifes with maternal care professions.

Department of Health-Business Administration

With abundant industry and academic energy, help train the staff in medical care institutions and upgrade public health management abilities, and cultivate cross-field management talents.

Department of Gerontological and Long-Term Care Business

In responding to aging era, learn gerontological and long-term care knowledge and skills.

School of Medical and Health Sciences
Health medical solid learning / clinical and practical applications / genetic test technology innovation / promoting preventive medical industry


The school has been devoted to cultivating outstanding talents related to personal health. We have invested many talent database and hardware and software regarding medical testing, health care and nutrition, physical treatments and cosmetics. We have more than 65% of highly-ranked teachers. Each department has professional laboratories and complete fine experiment instruments and the first basic medical education pavilion so that the students can acquire advanced and integrated medical knowledge in practical teaching and learning environments
Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology
  Combine the medical technology knowledge and top-end experiments technical skills, and nurture professional medical laboratory talents and research teams
Department of Nutrition and Health Science

Aim at preventive health care and nutritional treatments, supplement with the abilities of planning multiple healthy diets to cultivate all purpose health care nutrient talents.

Department of Physical Therapy

The department is work-field-oriented. Train students to treat patients with nerve and muscle diseases by using applied scientific methods.

Department of Health Beauty

In responding with global trends and the needs of cosmetic talents, the department emphasizes on cosmetic health care, cosmetic technology, and western and Chinese medicine applications.

School of Environment and Life Sciences
Green environment monitor / Manufacture biology doses


The school emphasizes on green technology, the interactions between people and environments and cultivates talents of sustainable green technology. We have 90% of outstanding teachers with Ph. D. degree. The four departments have professional labs with IEET certificates.
The teaching quality is approved internationally. In recent years, the teachers have great achievement in projects of National Science Council and government and industry commissioned projects. It has gradually become the key departments of monitoring, preventing Taiwan environment pollutions, and biotechnology applications. The courses are practical and useful, combining professions and industries so that the students can have a balanced development in both academic or workplace fields.
Department of Environmental Engineering and Science

Possess multiple professional teaching platforms, work with many famous national universities, expand research resources, increase research quality, and cultivate multiple environment talents.

Department of Biotechnology

Cultivate the talents of biotechnology and biomedical tests. It has the one and only animal cell mass production module factory for pre-employment training.

Department of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science

Emphasize on chemistry technology development and material production, introduce researches and industrial co-operative teaching into classroom learning. The diploma is being approved by 17-country members all over Europe, USA, and Canada.

Department of Occupational Safety and Hygiene

Assist occupational safety, including safety, hygiene, fireproof, and risk evaluation. This is cross-field knowledge, and our graduates have many choices in the future. They can either pursue higher education or enter the employment field.

College of Humanities and Management
Human, Innovation / Technology, Management


The school combines both humanity and technology, which is the pushing hand of school’s marching towards an excellent university. It emphasizes humanity, and the whole human education. This matches with Fooyin’s long term development, We provide complete intelligent education, information skills and management knowledge, and innovate thinking courses with practical and creativity designs. We encourage the young generation to cultivate self quality and personal brand. 
We also have a language education center, a teachers’ training center, a creative industry research and development center, a medical humanity lab for students to learn and develop their working abilities with theory and practicum. We make our school to be a dream come true garden.
Department of Child Care and Industries

It emphasizes on science and art education, develop module courses and have the resources of Kaohsiung Kindergarten for students to practice.

Department of Tourism and Recreation Management

It combines management and cultural creative industry, emphasizes on management knowledge, foreign language communication skills and certificate requirements.

Department of Foreign Languages

Strengthen foreign language skills, develop ESP professional English, and enhance employment competitiveness.

Department of Information Technology and Management

Combine practicum and theory, and use the abundant medical resources to integrate medical and information applications.

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